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Human Creativity

Ideas in our brains is how it all starts. Creative inquistive minds questioning the status quo to constantly improve and push the limits


Global team of AI/ML experts continuously and tirelessly researching and improving the way AI/ML see the work by “augmenting” systematic strategies.

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NufinTech is a unique company where engineers from varied backgrounds have set our to solve finance problems, bringing a new and freshing perspective to create Next Gen of Finance.

What We Do

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Strategy Ideation

Strategy Ideation using human brain to create profitable investment strategies

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Strategy Development

Bringing together the best and brightest minds to create amazinly efficient code to turn ideas into reality.

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AI/ML Research Development

AI/ML experts coming together from all around the globe to create a powerful team of minds to advance the research in AI/ML to help argument decision making in our strategies.

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Quant Research

Our Quant researchers “see and shape” the data to help create new perspectives and brand new way of utilizing data. Converting data into Information and that information into action that feeds either a strategy or AI/ML.

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Discretionary Investment

Creating one of the most lucrative environments for our discreationary traders so that they continue to contribute to our profitably using their brains.

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Unifying Human Brain with AI

Combining the strengths of Human Brain with the strengths of AI/ML is core to our profitable strategies. We leverage our engineering background to achieve this unification

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Our Little Story

Something About Us

NuFinTech invests in multiple different markets, in mutiple asset classes in thousands of different strategies worldwide. We believe nothing is perfect, therefore everything can constantly be improved. So we continually search for that improvement in every investment we do.

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Work With Us

If you have a passion for investing, ideating strategies and great at what you do, enjoy the challenge of improving yourself every day, and want a career path, we want to hear from you. There is no ceiling for you at NuFinTech!

Our Values

  • Ethics & Integrity
  • Firm First
  • Innovation & Excellence
  • Growth & Development
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    Ethics & Integrity

    We are professionals who conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity at all times.
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    Firm First

    Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, clearing houses.
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    Innovation & Excellence

    Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, clearing houses.
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    Growth & Development

    The most important asset of this company is not the AI, its not the profitable strategy, but the brains that create those! It is the most important asset that we work together to advance our professional and personal growth keeping these minds happy.

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